The high-performance
composite material.

A committed startup

Founded in 2018 after the COP23 in Bonn, TechnoCarbon is a startup born to create a new path towards sustainable architecture, industry and cities.

Thanks to its innovative Pierre-Carbone (CarbonFibreStone) technology, TechnoCarbon has developed and patented a family of high-performance materials. Solutions designed to offer a credible alternative to traditional materials that limit greenhouse gas emissions, protect the climate, biodiversity and natural resources

A low carbon composite material
with unique performances

0 x
More durable and resilient than steel and reinforced concrete
0 x
More resistant to stress than aluminium or concrete
0 x
Lighter than steel
0 x
Less energy required than conventionnal materials
Compressive strength, tensile strength
and heat damage,
higher than concrete, steel or aluminium

an innovative response
to the challenges various sectors




Defence and aerospace


One technology.
multiple applications.

TechnoCarbon offers products in Pierre-Carbone.

These products are semi-finished in the form of thin and thick sheets, walls, beams, construction elements, pipes and other parts for equipment and consumer goods.

They support TechnoCarbon

2022 Winner Sustainable Cities, Buildings & Mobilities
Paris Ile-De-France

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