CarbonFibreStone, the eco-friendly way to green the building industry

Deeptech TechnoCarbon develops an innovative composite material made of stone and carbon fiber that reduces CO2 emissions.

Excerpts from Geneviève VAN LEDE’s article published in La Provence on May 5th

Decarbonizing the construction market, and industry in general is the ambition of Provencal deep tech TechnoCarbon, which has developed CFS (CarbonFibreStone), an innovative composite material composed of stone and carbon fiber, whose CO2 emissions are 90% lower than those of traditional materials, especially steel and concrete.

“We have a material that is guaranteed not to corrode, delaminate or crack, and which is also environmentally friendly and lasts longer,” explains the entrepreneur. The first business sector targeted? Construction and building, of course, but also energy, marine, aeronautics, and space. And let’s not forget photovoltaic power plants, and more specifically shading systems whose structure is essentially made of steel and aluminum, and which we can replace with our material”.

These low-carbon materials account for 25% of the global building materials market, estimated at over $1,000 billion annually. This fast-growing market share is set to double over the next 7 years to $500 billion. And the restrictive regulations being implemented will act as natural catalysts for the energy transition. Stephan Savarese continues: “We’re working on developing our technology to make it more robust and to vary the sources of supply. This should have a further influence on carbon footprint, performance, and also aesthetics, which is an important criterion for certain applications”…

TechnoCarbon, which has benefited from support from Bpifrance and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, and is supported by Provence Promotion, is looking for premises to set up its R&D unit, probably in the Pays d’Aix area, and is working hard on its project to create a plant in the region by 2025. Fund-raising is also underway, as is preparing an application for support from France Relance.

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