TechnoCarbon joins the Mapping of startups committed to decarbonising industry

On the occasion of the BIG (Bpifrance Inno Génération) 2023 event, Bpifrance Le Hub, France Industrie and the Alliance Industrie du Futur unveiled the second edition of the Mapping of startups driving the decarbonisation of Industry.

This year’s event highlighted the contribution of French start-ups to reducing the carbon footprint of the industrial sector. This dynamic ecosystem is set to play a key role in increasing collaboration and deployment.

Industry relies on start-ups to accelerate decarbonisation

While emissions from the French manufacturing industry have been halved over the last thirty years, technological innovations such as those from TechnoCarbon offer significant potential for reduction. Against a backdrop of strong pressure on production costs, the ecosystem of solution providers is growing, maturing and demonstrating more and more virtuous use cases with manufacturers, from both an environmental and economic point of view.

Focus on Procurement & Materials

TechnoCarbon was selected for its range of products designed as low-carbon alternatives to traditionally used materials. CarbonFiberStone® is a low-carbon composite material with unique performances: 5x more durable and resilient than steel and concrete, 4x more resistant to stress than aluminium or concrete, 3x lighter than steel and 50% less energy-consuming to produce than traditional materials.

“After years of de-industrialisation, France can now look forward to rebuilding a powerful industrial base. This positive dynamic can be explained by the changing challenges brought about by the recent crises and by the strong support of public policies. Today, French industry is faced with a reconfiguration of the economic balance, issues linked to the acceleration of digitalisation, decarbonisation and circularity, as well as the challenges of training and land. These are all issues that create exciting prospects for French industry: it’s our collective responsibility to address them forcefully.

Raphaël Didier, Director of Transformation and Innovation Strategy and Director of the Bpifrance Industrial Seed Fund.

With this in mind, the aim of the second edition of the Mapping of startups committed to industrial decarbonisation is to highlight the development of initiatives underway in France.

“The environmental and digital transition is both a major challenge for us and a mobilising factor in reindustrialisation. The technological solutions offered by our industrial sectors are a powerful response to this social and economic challenge. We know that we can count on start-ups to enrich our range of software and hardware solutions: this mapping is one of France Industrie’s initiatives to put the spotlight on them.”

Vincent Moulin Wright, Managing Director of France Industrie.

“Beyond being a simple component of national decarbonisation strategies, we can now affirm that the industry of the future is truly the solution to decarbonisation: it is the industry that can take up this challenge, thanks to digitalisation, more optimised solutions in terms of energy consumption and alternative processes. This conviction is shared by our political representatives, as demonstrated by the recent adoption of the Green Industry Bill in July, which aims to make France a European leader in the ecological transition.”

Jean-Marie Danjou, Managing Director of the Alliance Industrie du Futur, Permanent Delegate for the Industry of the Future Solutions Sector.

Find the complete mapping by following this link.

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